Plant Biologist Releases Major Publication

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Plant Biologist Releases Major Publication

Bryophyte Synopsis will have significant impact for decades to come

February 07, 2018, Dr. Barbara Crandall-Stotler

${image-alt} Ray and Barbara, Parque de Monserrate, a part of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, Portugal, May 2008

A major publication on the liverworts of North America, begun by Dr. Raymond Stotler and Dr. Barbara Crandall-Stotler prior to Ray's death in 2013, has been completed and seen to publication in The Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden in December 2017. Drs. Stotler and Crandall-Stotler started their careers in the Botany Department (now Plant Biology Department) at SIUC in 1969 and Dr. Crandall-Stotler, although retired, continues to be an active member of the department. The publication of "A Synopsis of the liverwort flora of North America North of Mexico" provides the first comprehensive nomenclatural treatment of the 582 accepted species names known in North America, with synonyms and explanatory comments and references for name changes that have occurred since the last North American checklist was published in 1977. In addition, distributional data are provided for each accepted name. This 135 page treatment will be a standard reference not only for specialists in liverwort systematics, but also for herbarium curators, ecologists and specialists in floristic and biodiversity studies. To quote two bryological colleagues, "Barbara, you and Ray have given the field a solid ground on which to advance North American hepaticology" (Dr. Richard Zander, Missouri Botanical Garden); "Congratulations again on your Synopsis; it will have significant impact for decades to come," (Dr. Matt von Konrat, Field Museum). The cover of this issue of the Annals is an added plus for SIUC, with an artistically designed photo of the unique liverwort, Blasia pusilla L., which was taken by SIUC Plant Biology graduate student Jason Henry, along the bank of Hutchins Creek in Union County, Illinois.