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November 28, 2018
Doctoral student studies big picture ecosystem at reclaimed mine

November 27, 2018
Math faculty member creates Boy Scouts STEM award - Tim Crosby
A Cub Scout leader who also happens to be a mathematician at SIU is making it possible for kids all over the world to see themselves as part of the story of math.

November 27, 2018
SIU master’s graduate publishes important paper on cheetah reproduction - Tim Crosby
It turns out, female cheetahs are quite picky about their mates. And when they’re allowed to choose them, the chances of healthy offspring improve. A former graduate student at SIU recently published a study that explains at least one factor female cheetahs use to make those choices. The findings may lead to improved captive breeding programs for the big cats.

November 27, 2018
SIU researchers study ways to prevent chlamydia infection spread

November 27, 2018
STEM grant renewal and center opening keep it front and center at SIU

August 09, 2018
Geology graduate student won TSOP Spackman Award
The Spackman Award supports graduate thesis research in organic petrology.

July 23, 2018
Geology Student wins IAA Best Student Poster

July 23, 2018
SIU Geology Student earns NABG Scholarship - TWH
Geology Grad Student awarded the NABG scholarships

June 12, 2018
Computer science student wins international award for ‘DecisionDroid’ anti-pirate app - Tim Crosby
Computer science student wins international award for ‘DecisionDroid’ anti-pirate app

April 19, 2018
SIU receives largest black carp specimen for invasive species study
SIU researchers recently received what is believed to be the largest specimen of the invasive fish species black carp ever brought in for scientific analysis.

April 19, 2018
SIU researcher’s work sheds light on early Native American migration - Tim Crosby
Scott Hamilton-Brehm, assistant professor of microbiology, has refined a technique for characterizing ancient human DNA from plant-based artifacts.

April 19, 2018
Study indicates climate change could impact dominant Midwest prairie grass - Tim Crosby
An important prairie grass could be strongly impacted by climate change during the next 75 years, a team of scientists from the Midwest say.

April 19, 2018
SIU faculty honored for interactive media earthquake kiosk - Tim Crosby
A media education organization has honored a current and former faculty member at Southern Illinois University Carbondale for their efforts in creating interactive media to promote earthquake preparedness.

April 19, 2018
Undergraduate research remains priority at SIU - Tim Crosby
At SIU, involving undergraduate students in real-world research is a priority. Here’s a glimpse at just a couple recent projects involving young researchers working under the mentorship of faculty.

April 04, 2018
SIU Geologist Wins Award
SIU Geologist Harvey Henson and collaborator Scott Hodgson won the BEA “Best of” competition for their Earthquake Preparedness Kiosk

February 19, 2018
Comning soon: Olympiad Exam for High School Chemistry Students
Our Dept. Of Chemistry and Biochemistry is hosting the Local Exam for the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad, a chemistry competition for high school students, March 24th, 2018. Read more...

February 07, 2018
Major Publication on Liverworts - Dr. Barbara Crandall-Stotler
A major publication on the liverworts of North America, begun by Dr. Raymond Stotler and Dr. Barbara Crandall-Stotler prior to Ray's death in 2013, has been completed and seen to publication in The Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden in December 2017.

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