John Idoko Ejembi Earns NABG Scholarship

Southern Illinois University



July 23, 2018, TWH


John Idoko Ejembi, a Geoscience Ph.D. Candidate in our Department of Geology, earned a Superior Academics scholarship award from the National Association for Black Geoscientists (NABG). NABG provide scholarships to undergraduate and graduate minority students enrolled full-time in geoscience programs at an accredited college or university. John received an email notification of the award this month. In the email, the NABG said: "We are pleased to be able to offer support in your academic pursuits in the geosciences and look forward to your future endeavors in the geoscience profession." They also invited John to the upcoming 2018 NABG Conference in Houston, Texas in September to which he plans to attend. John uses U-Pb detrital zircon geochronology and paleomagnetic methods to study the Middle to Late Jurassic stratigraphic evolution of the Paradox Basin in western Colorado. John is advised by Dr. Eric Ferré. Congrats to John Idoko Ejembi!