Carly Haywood Parasitology ResearchEarns Reward

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Carly Haywood Parasitology ResearchEarns Reward

Carly Haywood: Marsupial Parasite Research

April 12, 2017


 Carly helping a parasitology grad student (Elliott Zieman) with his research on parasites of bobcats

We are keen to shine a spotlight on Carly Haywood, an undergraduate majoring in Zoology.  She recently presented her research at the 2017 meeting of the Southeastern
Society of Parasitologists: HAYWOOD, CARLY, AND AGUSTIN JIMENEZ- Evolutionary relationships of members of Vianaiidae.  An abstract of her presentation can be found here on page 16.  The society presented Carly with their Cordia-Porter-Stewart Undergraduate Paper Award for best undergraduate platform presentation.  In a nutshell, her research in the parasitology lab has been to determine the evolutionary relationships of Nematodes that infect marsupials.  She says "Using molecular data (DNA), we found that nematodes of Australian and South American marsupials most likely had a common ancestor that existed prior to the split of Gondwana.  When the supercontinent split and marsupials underwent separate evolutionary paths on Australia and South America, their nematode parasites underwent their own evolution within their hosts."

We congratulate Carly for this award and look forward to her continued success!