BES Journal of Ecology Special Feature by Professor David Gibson

Southern Illinois University



SIU Professor's article in June 2017 B.E.S. Journal of Ecology

June 21, 2017

${image-alt} David Gibson with his 2nd edition "Methods in Comparative Plant Population Ecology"

Distinguished Professor in our Dept. of Plant Biology and Plant Ecologist David Gibson has a Special Feature in the latest British Ecological Society's Journal of Ecology, Plant Ecological Solutions to Global Food Security, with an accompanying Blog Entry and Editorial discussing the Special Feature in more detail.  The Special Feature is actually a collection of 10 "mini-review articles" he put together with Professor Richard Bardgett (University of Manchester, UK.)  Interestingly, one of the articles was co-authored by Dr. Gibson and another SIU Dept. of Plant Biology professor, Dr. Andrew Wood.   Dr. Gibson notes his own primary interests include "all aspects of plant population and community ecology, basically trying to understand the how and why of plants, especially in grassland ecosystems. Much of my research is on invasive species, and is often concerned with restoration and agroecology."

Congrats to both Dr. Gibson and Dr. Wood!