Math Modeling competition

Southern Illinois University



Those pictured, from left to right, are Trinidad Vicente, Jennifer Moore, and Ryan Steele.

AoCMM Math Modeling Competition

October 26, 2017

October 10th marked the end of the annual AoCMM Math Modeling competition.  Four College of Science students represented SIUC in the annual AoCMM Math Modeling competition.   

The competition is worldwide and includes high school and college students (anyone under the age of 20).  Participants compete in four-person teams to solve real-world problems.  This year's problems involved identifying individual people from typing patterns and optimal dispatching of taxicabs.  In both problems, competitors were given real data sets, and were asked to use mathematical models to provide practical solutions to these problems.

The SIUC team consisted of: 

Trinidad Vicente (Junior, Mathematics, above on the left)

Jennifer Moore (Freshman, Chemistry, center above)

Ryan Steele (Junior, Mathematics, above on the right)

Aliyah Moose (Junior, Mathematics, not pictured) 

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