The Evolution of Earthworms

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Dr. Anderson amd, well, some worms

The evolution of earthworms

June 05, 2017

We received and interesting email from a colleague in our Department of Zoology, Dr. Frank Anderson.  Andy describes his research interests as "invertebrate phylogeny and phylogeography, with particular focus on annelids, cephalopods and land snails. (He's) also interested in metazoan phylogeny (relationships among the animal phyla), phylogenetic taxonomy and theoretical and methodological issues in phylogenetic analysis." 

Dr. Anderson's email explains "...this week we published a paper about earthworm evolution that’s getting some attention. I’m the lead author, and my PhD student Kevin Horn and former SIU postdoc Bronwyn Williams are two of the coauthors. 

Here’s a link to a guest blog post that we wrote for the BMC Series blog that explains some of the highlights of the work (and the animals) in normal English (it also has some pretty pictures!.)  Here’s a link to the paper itself (the paper is open access)"

Congratulations to Dr. Anderson and his coaurthors for the publication!