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Smart Podiums

Here's some unofficial information We've gathered about the smart podiums:

Software - The podiums come with the standard array of MS Office Products, Adobe Acrobat, and a host of media players. If you find that you need some particular software not available on the podiums, The Center for Teaching Excellence can help. Contact them to see how to add software.

Public Drive - Smart Podiums require that you log in using your campus network ID. Once you authenticate, you may notice there is a Public Drive icon on the desktop much like the one in the column to the left. If your SIU LAN credenitials are valid, you can place files on the public drive from your office computer making your files available at any smart podium:

Microsoft Windows:

 -(XP) Right click on the start button and select Explore or (Vista/Win 7) Open Windows Explorer on the Start Bar

-In Windows Explorer, select (XP) Tools/Map Network Drive or (Vista/Win7) Right click "Network" and select Map a Network Drive."

The following window will appear:
Drive Map Window

-In Folder, place the following: \\\public

-Select "Connect using a different User Name" then select "Finish"

-In the resulting login window, use your SIU network credentials. Type "ad\" before your User ID, i.e. "ad\SIU(dawgtag)" (Yes, the direction of the slash matters!)

If successful, you will find a Public Drive icon on your desktop. See the example in the border. You may select "Reconnect at login" and your computer will prompt you for your name/password to reestablish the connection when you reboot or log into your computer.

Mac OS X: True to form, it's a little easier to get to the Public drive on an Apple

-In Finder, select Go/Connect to Server

-In the server address type:smb://

 You will get a login dialog box. Use your campus network ID and password.

BEWARE!! This is not a storage area! The name of the drive speaks volumes. I don't think there's a problem with leaving files on there if you plan on using them.

Contact the Center for Teaching Excellence if you'd like further help

Smartboard Presentations

Smart Sympodium software runs at all podiums. The software from provides a suite of presentation oriented software geared toward education.