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Make your appointment early. Starting the second week of classes you can make an appointment with your adviser. Registration for the following semester begins the Tuesday of the 9th week of classes.

Registration Worksheet

COS Advising Syllabus

Health Professions Advising Syllabus

Required Advisement
Six departments within the College of Science require their students to meet with a faculty adviser before registering each semester. Meet with the department faculty adviser first. Then you can see your College of Science advisor to complete the advisement/registration process.

  • Chemistry and Biochemistry - Neckers C224 - 453-5721
  • Geology - Parkinson 102 - 453-3351
  • Mathematics - Neckers A360 - 453-5302
  • Physics - Neckers A483 - 453-2643

  • Plant Biology - Life Science II 420 - 536-2331
  • Zoology – Life Science II 351 – 536-2314

Optional Advisement
Faculty advisors are available to talk with you regarding your major and career plans when you need assistance. It is suggested that you make an appointment with your faculty advisor during your freshman year or during your first semester if you are a transfer student. These departments with their locations and phone numbers are:

  • Biological Sciences - LSII 351 – 536-2314
  • Computer Science - Engineering E102 - 536-2327
  • Microbiology - Life Science II 131 - 536-2349
  • Physiology - Life Science II 245 - 453-1544

Pre-health Advisement
If you are planning a career in a health profession, you have 2 special advisors within the Science Advisement office to help you.  They can answer questions and help plan curricula specific to your needs. 

Advisement and Grades
If you remain on good standing (2.0 or better on a 4.0 scale) you are not required to meet with a College of Science advisor each semester.  It is strongly recommended, however, that you work out a long-range plan with an advisor and then meet at least once a year to double check progress. 

If your overall SIU grade point drops below a 2.0 you will be placed on academic probation.  In this case, you are strongly encouraged to meet with a College of Science advisor to register.  The advisor will help you plan a schedule of classes which will increase your chances of academic success.  University policy allows you to take no more than 14 credit hours any semester you are on probation.  Seven hours are the maximum during the summer term.

Graduating Seniors MUST meet with a College of Science advisor the SEMESTER BEFORE their intended graduation to complete a GRADUATION CHECK.