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Masters Degrees

Further your research. Our master’s degrees encourage students to explore, analyze and investigate in cutting-edge facilities with top-tier faculty.


The graduate programs of the Department can be generally classified into four areas of emphasis: Analytical, Biochemistry, Materials, Organic, and Physical though there is considerable overlap of faculty research interests among these areas.  Our research work covers many areas of experimental and theoretical chemistry, spanning the traditional areas of chemistry. Many of our faculty have research programs with foci on the inderdisciplinary areas of materials and bio-related research.  Come see us for more details.

Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science offers a graduate program leading to the Master of Science degree with a major in Computer Science through the Graduate School. The M.S. degree program has been designed to provide students with a relevant graduate level education and to prepare them for careers as professional computer scientists or for advanced doctoral level study. Faculty members and graduate students engage in informal and direct contacts to better utilize their combined resources in studies and research. All graduate level teaching is done by full-time highly qualified faculty members who are committed to pursuing excellence in both teaching and research. A friendly, stimulating atmosphere is present in both the Department and the University as a whole.


Southern Illinois and adjacent areas offer a wide variety of geological conditions ideal for individual study and research. Opportunities also exist for graduate student research all over the world.  Our graduate arts or science degree programs develop the student's competence in the basic fields of geology and provide for specialization dependent on student and faculty interest.


The Department of Mathematics offers graduate degree programs leading to the Master of Arts or Master of Science degree in mathematics. Students in the master's program can choose from a rich variety of courses in both pure and applied mathematics and statistics. Each master's degree candidate works closely with a professor in writing a research paper or thesis in an area of interest to the student.


The Master of Science degree is offered through the Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry graduate program (MBMB). With a diverse and experienced faculty spanning the Carbondale and Springfield campuses, the MBMB program offers a wide selection of course and research options to prepare you for a successful and rewarding career. Numerous career opportunities are available to the Master’s degree recipient.


The Department of Physics offers graduate work leading to the Masters of Science in Physics degree. The program is two years in length with a thesis requirement.  SIUC Physics is a unique program in that it provides many research opportunities within the department offering students a wide choice of specific areas of study. A low student to faculty ratio allows students to work closely with top notch faculty engaged in cutting edge research.

Plant Biology

The Department of Plant Biology offers a program that confers a Master of Science in Plant Biology to graduate students who complete a course of study designed specifically for the student by their advisory committee and a thesis research project that is accepted by the Department. 


The Zoology Department’s Master of Science program emphasizes research training and advanced coursework in ecology and ecosystem studies, environmental toxicology, genetics, evolution, population biology, fisheries, aquaculture, and wildlife ecology and management.