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About the College

The College of Science is a dynamic learning community of faculty, undergraduate students, and graduate students.  This community is dedicated to the study of the physical and biological and information world.  We promote the development of new knowledge bases in these areas of inquiry and the education of our students and the public about the tools of science and the discoveries being made daily both here at SIUC and in the broader community of sciences.

We set some goals to meet over the several years.  Through solid leadership and the will to succeed, we want to:

1.Increase faculty positions by 20 new positions
2.Increase research grant funding
3.Expand upon gains made in alternative energy and nano-materials research
4.Expand biomedical research within the College and in collaboration with the School of Medicine at SIU
5.Increase graduate enrollments by 20%
6.Increase undergraduate enrollments in selected degrees by 10-30%