PhD Candidate Attends Workshop at Max-Planck Institute

Southern Illinois University



Lauren Schwartz, 2nd from right on back row

PLB PhD Candidate Attends Max-Planck Institute Workshop

February 12, 2015


Lauren Schwartz, PhD Candidate in the Department of Plant Biology, was one of 22 students accepted to attend a specialized workshop at the Max-Planck Institute
for Demographic Research in Rostock, Germany. The workshop focused on the construction, analysis and interpretation of integral projection models (IPMs),
which is a relatively new approach to population modeling. Lauren plans on using IPMs in her dissertation which is focused on the population dynamics of
four Amaranthaceae species, which include two prominent agricultural weeds, a poorly studied invasive species and an endangered species. The use of IPMs can
allow for the development of management plans from the projected growth rate of a species. She received travel funding from various sources on campus,
including the College of Science, Department of Plant Biology, and the University Women’s Professional Advancement.​