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Advisement Staff

Located in room A185 in the Neckers Building, our College of Science advisers are here to help you complete your College of Science degree at SIU.  Phone - 618-536-5537.

Jean McPherson

Chief Academic Advisor

Jean McPherson

Phone: 618-536-2147
Fax: 618-453-7067
Email: jmcpherson

Jean earned her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Biological Sciences from Michigan State University.  She became an academic advisor at SIU upon completion of her Master’s degree.  In 1991, she was promoted to the Chief Academic Advisor position in the College of Science, and has spent 30 years advising science students.

Kim Doellman

Academic Advisor

Kim Doellman

Email: kdoellman

Kim completed her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Education from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  She worked previously in the Department of Chemistry, College of Science, where she began advising Chemistry majors.  She has been employed at SIUC since 1997, and joined the Science Advisement staff in January, 2012.

Sara Ressing

Academic Advisor

Sara earned her Master's Degree from SIU's Departmet of Zoology where her research interestes included Mammalogy, Wildlife Biology, and Wildlife Diseases.

Yvonne Gramenz

Academic Advisor

Yvonne earned her B.S. (Elementary Education) and M.S.Ed. (Curriculum and Instruction) from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She worked for SIU for three years, mainly with Undergraduate Admissions, before joining the Science Advisement staff in December, 2014.

Dawn Grisley

Health Professions Advisor

Dawn earned her B.S. (Radiologic Sciences, Ultrasound specialization), M.S. Ed.(Workforce Education and Development, Adult Education specialization), and M.S.(Physiology) from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  Her employment spans several fields including the clinical health setting as a radiographer and diagnostic medical sonographer, research histotechnician, and educator.  Dawn has been active in the National Society for Histotechnology presenting workshops at the state and national level.  She is the College of Science’s newest Pre-Health Professions advisor.